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Program Representation and Marketing

SFM Consulting provides results oriented program marketing services that are designed to get programs placed on key stations to generate significant audience. SFM Consulting focuses on getting programs carried in the top 50 markets since those stations are responsible for delivering nearly 80% of the public radio audience in the nation. Getting a program broadcast in those top markets is given highest priority. Smaller market stations are not ignored, they are made aware of the program via e-mail, advertisements in Current when appropriate, and through the DACS.

SFM Consulting achieves carriage results through a combination of tele-marketing, targeted e-mail campaigns and placement of advertisements in the Current newspaper. SFM Consulting maintains an up-to-date database of program decision makers (e-mail addresses, phone numbers and station schedules) so that marketing efforts are appropriately and effectively directed.

With each client SFM Consulting begins by developing a target list of stations based on market size, format and schedule. Through constant review of station schedules and regular contact with program decision makers, SFM Consulting can spend time with those stations most likely to carry the program being marketed.